Club Rules

1. Schedule
The club opens at 7:00 AM. Play prior to 7:00 AM is prohibited as a courtesy to our neighbors.

Courts may be reserved in the mornings only. Play lasts 90 minutes for doubles and 60 minutes for singles, and a court may be reserved from 7:30 to 9:00; 9:00 to 10:30; and 10:30 to 12:00.

To reserve for weekends (Friday through Monday), players must fill out a card for the appropriate day, listing all players in the group, and submit it in the shack on the weekend prior to the date on which the court will be reserved.  Times and courts cannot be guaranteed.

2. Members and Guests
Members are entitled to unlimited use of the courts, following the scheduling restrictions stated above.

Members may bring guests. However, members have priority over guests in utilizing the courts.  Guests who play on a consistent basis in lieu of membership may be denied access to the courts

3. Member Responsibilities
Players may not play during rain, or when the courts are excessively wet.  The manager will arrange for courts following rain delays.

Courts must be swept after play, unless they are wet.

When the manager is not on-site, it is the responsibility of the players to lock the courts and the “shack” after play.

4. Appropriate dress
Players should wear attire appropriate for tennis, including appropriate tennis shoes designed for the game of tennis.

5. Equipment
Players may use only tennis equipment on the courts; no other sports are permitted.

Only “soft-court” balls are permitted on the har-tru courts

6. Court Behavior
All players must adhere to the Rules of Tennis as established by the USTA (also known as the “Code”).

Rude or offensive behavior on the court or at the tennis club will not be tolerated and is strictly regulated through the by-laws of the club.  Members who exhibit rude or offensive behavior may be subject to suspension or loss of membership.