Join the Loveladies Tennis Club

The Loveladies Tennis Club is a private tennis club located on the bay in Loveladies, NJ and is open May through October. Members have access to unlimited tennis play and participation in a number of tennis events at the club. Lessons are available on site.

For membership inquiries, call, +1 (609) 467-4925; or, email, loveladiestennis@gmail.com

2019 Club Events and Calendar:

June 29 (Saturday), All-club Picnic, 12:00 PM to 2 PM

June 17 (Monday), Morning Tennis Clinic begins, 10:30 AM (every Monday thereafter)

June 21 (Friday), Evening Mixed Doubles begins, 5 to 7 PM (every Friday thereafter)

July 13 (Saturday), “Play by the Bay” – Open House Round Robin, 10.30 AM

July 26 (Friday), Love/One III Round Robin Tennis Tourney (LoveOne Flyer)

August 9 (Friday), Mixed Tournament

August 11 (Sunday), Men’s Tournament

August 17 (Saturday), Women’s Tournament

August 24 (Saturday), All-Club Party

August 25 (Sunday), Annual Meeting

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